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My name is Andriy Arbenin.

I am an award winning Art Director with over 13 years successful experience in the advertising industry and startups.

Throughout my career, I managed more than 300 distinct projects and worked extensively with global brands, such as Microsoft, Ford, Nike, IKEA, and more.

Currently unavailable.

I focus on large projects and do branding, package design, web, UI/UX, prints, and much more

I consulted such agencies as Leo Burnett, Wunderman, Blast Radius, and many more


Bless Mobile Project
Bless Mobile
Logo, Brand Identity, Website, Package Design, Sales Support Materials

Bless manufactures phones that can work in GSM and CDMA networks simultaneously. I used the brand's USP as a foundation for the logo design. As a result we see two sim-cards forming a letter B.

Having this concept in mind I designed a handful of materials. Based on the brochure I created billboards, citylights, and print advertising. I also created a brandbook.

Francais Boulevard Project
Francais Boulevard
Logo, Package design

Francais Boulevard is a winery whose history goes back in 1863. The brand has always had an old-fashioned, classic approach to design.

However, with the release of this young and ravishing wine, Francais Boulevard wanted to give it a contemporary and sophisticated look.

Anna October Project
Anna October
Logo, Brand Identity, Print, Art Direction, Website, Point of Purchase

Anna October is a fashion designer. She is young and energetic. To reflect Anna's characteristics I created a logo using only a single thread. The logo forms an energetic lightning bolt that corresponds to Anna's character.

Tuna Store Project
Tuna Store
Logo, Brand Identity, Website

This logo was created for a store specializing in fresh and quality sea food called TUNA. It reflects the essence of the brand. I also created a brand identity to support the main idea in the logo.

Franco Bay Project
Franco Bay
Package Design

The Franko Bay wine invites its owner for a journey into the world of exquisite flavour and sophisticated aroma. That is exactly how high quality wine should represent itself.

La Petite Project
La Petite
Logo, Brand Identity, Package Design

La Petite is a cozy and romantic French creperie. Crepe is a very special viand. It can set a mood for the rest of the day. Crepes at La Petite are made with extra-care and professionalism. Thus I decided to communicate this important fact through the logo.

Tanu Muino Project
Tanu Muino
Logo, Brand Identity, Package Design, Website

Tanu Muino is a photographer. She reveals deep, wild, and sexual aspects of the inner world of her characters. This logo fully uncovers the essence of her works. There is a dark side in every one of us.

Guliev Wines Project
Guliev Wines
Logo, Package Design, Art Direction

Guliev Winery is a whole dynasty of winemakers whose experience and mastery is passed from generation to generation. They love their wines with such a passion that it becomes more of an art form than wine making. These ideas were transmitted to the logo and package design.

Verba Vodka Project
Verba Vodka
Logo, Package Design

As the foundation of a visual concept for a new brand of Ukrainian vodka, we used national symbols such as the willow and barn. All elements of brand identity that I created are associated with festivities and feasts, which are very natural for Ukrainians. I also created the package design for a crystal clear bottled water.

Mumiy Troll Project
Mumiy Troll
Website, Package Design

Design for a few websites and CD covers was created for a popular Russian band that are touring worldwide. The frontman is helping to preserve the population of Siberian Tigers. In the local dialect of Ude, tiger translates as AMBA, in honour of which the whole concept of new album was created. All the photographs were made by Michael Muller.

Milarbi Project
Package Design

Milarbi is a family of two wines – Mila Bog and Arbi. Even though these wines are different they share the same high quality.

Mila Bog is a food friendly wine. It has every attribute that a noble drink should have. It is crafted by people who has passion, which is passed to the wine itself. Mila Bog is a lively wine with lots of personality.

Arbi is ideal to compliment meals during a getaway to a cottage or countryside. It has rich and soft aroma. Arbi is crafted for connoisseurs of refined wine in keeping with the best traditions.

Yukka Project
Logo, Brand Identity, Website, Package Design

Logo for a photographer-millionaire.

Antoshka Cup Project
Antoshka Cup
Logo, Brand Identity

Cup of Antoshka is a children's tennis tournament. And playing tennis is so much fun! Thus I decided to play with the main attribute of the game. In the end we got many positive emotions, literally.

Fernao Project
Package Design

By combining the latest technologies in winemaking with the oldest recipes, Fernao delivers refined flavour with a very distinctive texture. Its aroma is genuinely not short of a story, told by its creators.

Glovebox Project
Logo, Brand Identity, Website

Glovebox is a full service digital automotive agency. They’re savvy strategists and out of the box thinkers. Glovebox is dealership's internet department.

Magnolia Project

Magnolia is a premium beach resort. We created a logo that is minimalistic, sophisticated, and elegant. It fully resonates with the target audience.

Mussatova Project
Art Direction

The stylish fashion designer Mussatova presents her new, unique shoe collection. Her shoes are different. There is no right or wrong way to wear them. There is only your way.

Loud Bit Project
Loud Bit Project
Logo, Brand Identity, Package Design

Loud Bit Project is a team of two DJ's from Moscow. They play contemporary minimalistic music.

SoPhoto! Project
Logo, Brand Identity, Art Direction

In the early days of photography it took a couple of seconds to make one shot. It was really important to stand still and look directly into the lens. Thus photographers used a tin bird so everyone could stand still until the shot is made. This bird became the main concept of the SoPhoto! Studio.

A Few More Logos
A Few More Logos